Mother and Child Collection

Mother and Child is a well-worn subject.  Just the title brings to mind images from every age in every artistic medium. However, the title is where this collection of contemporary paintings departs from traditional interpretations.

This is the anonymous mother and the every child.  Although presented in portrait format, this mother and child are not specific people, but archetypes constructed of folds, patterns and flat shapes.  Their featurelessness points to universality.  By obfuscating and distorting typical mother/child imagery, this universality is opened up so the paintings can touch a wider audience and allow space for the viewer to breathe: to think about, or to meditate on the imagery more slowly and bring the self to the picture.

Focus on the enveloping embrace and emotive qualities.  There is a melancholy twisted with darkness as well as hope.  This mother and child are suspended on a stage where a drama has just occurred or is about to.  The drama is psychologically charged and has a surreal quality.  There seems to be danger or trauma along with reassurance and protection.

Peer into the fractures of the mother/child relationship left closed and sealed by sweet, sentimental depictions.  This child is sometimes protected by the gnarled hand of an old mother.  This child is sometimes the comforter of the mother.  This child is sometimes formed in the belly of the mother's melancholic world.  This child is sometimes absent, merely an illusion, fantasy or displacement, as is the mother.

By looking into the psychological interiority of the most fundamental human relationship, this collection of paintings attempts to iconize the emotional fullness of the relationship which is relevant both historically and today.